Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Artfully Meandering: I'm not a food blog

So, I think it's clear that I'm not a food blog. I don't create recipes, etc. However, I'm trying to cook better for myself.  And, I love to cook yummy delicious food. My idea about cooking well is "cooking French." (Favorite blog where I have been introduced to the joy of French cooking ideas.) In 2011, I had an opportunity to work in the south of France for 3 weeks, and I experienced what it meant to eat and drink like the French do. I ate SO well. What interested me was that I didn't scrimp on portion or quality. Quality was way better than anything I eat in the US unless I eat at a very high end restaurant! The portions were equal to American lunch portions. There were two factors that I think contributed to my 5-lb weight-loss.

- No preservatives. Food was fresh, fresh, fresh. There is nothing like fresh off the vine and out of the garden. Food wasn't as sweet, either. But I think the key was that there were no preservative ingredients.

- I walked more than I do in the US. While I walked more when I lived in Hong Kong, I still ate preserved (prepared) food. My weight was fairly stable.

This combination ended up being the "sweet spot" of factors that contribute to me feeling really, really good. (Can I move to France? Please?) I don't have full confidence that even the "fresh" food in the US is as clean as it needs to be. Any food that would be considered the "clean" I experienced while in France would need to be cooked from home. I'd love to garden myself, but I'm not a fan of the fire ants (and other creatures) that infest the south. Sigh. (Seriously, I'm very allergic. As in - a visit to the ER for a round of antibiotics and steroids for each bite)

Another factor I'm just beginning to observe and formulate an opinion around is basing my cooking fully around vegetables. Grains, meat, fruit, sugar, etc. are all extras. I need to explore this idea more.

In general, I still make efforts to eat "clean" and improve my eating. Cooking today was a fabulous way to de-stress from work. Today was using the radish greens. I made a fabulous pesto using the recommended formula of: green, garlic, olive oil, hard cheese, and nuts.

My combo: radish greens, toasted pine nuts, raw garlic, gruyere cheese, and light olive oil. Whizzed up in the food processor and tossed on pasta - TO DIE FOR YUMMY! Plus roasted veggies - radish, zucchini, and eggplant.

Yes, please!


  1. OOoo, that does look tasty! What a coincidence that we have both blogged about food today! Your portion control is WAY better than mine :-)

  2. Hee, hee. That was my third plate! After I ate the first two bowls, I thought it would be fun to share, so I plated up a small photo to share. That was todays lunch.

  3. Yum : )
    I've been working hard at eating better too; after finding out I have ridiculously high blood pressure (for someone so young, not overweight and active.), the game plan is fresh, healthy, light and exercise more! lol! Glad this turned out for you, I might have to steal your recipe.