Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Studio Time: Fruit Collection - Pear

A peek of upcoming work and the story behind the scenes. I've been working on this collection off and on between moving and getting settled into a new place and organized to get this business going! 

I did a bunch of what I would call "ugly sketching"... just doodling on the color palettes I picked out. I pulled out previous work I had done that never made it into an official collection and picked out components I liked. I used sketches that surprised me... half-finished pieces that I liked better than the finished work. Below are the final drawings that made up the above collection. Yes, it's that "simple." It took a few hours to create these drawings. The heavy lifting of the work was done in Adobe Illustrator - coloring, manipulating, placing, sizing. Illustrator has recently gone through a major upgrade and I'm having to relearn the tool. I'm struggling a bit and it's taken me longer to finish work than I would have liked. 

8x8 prints are available in my Artfire shop.

Country Plaid Pear PRint

 Country Gingham Pear Print

I'm also testing out having these prints on Zazzle products as pillows, coasters, and smart phone cases. I've set up shop here, but I have not yet ordered my own Zazzle products, so I cannot comment on Zazzle's quality or speed of delivery. However, I'm planning to order all of the pillows and will share the ideas I have. I'm really digging the bohemian vibe of mixing and matching this collection!

I also have a Spoonflower fabric shop and have some of my Pear Collection. I'm planning to make room darkening curtains out of the green plaid (my absolute favorite of the collection). It's currently the background of my blog right now! 

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