Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hong Kong Chronicles: Bike Notes - aka Reasons to Appreciate Your Car

First Bead Giveaway Winner: Kristin at KS Jewelry Designs! (There was no competition, so I didn't do an actual drawing...hee, hee...) Kristin, email me your contact information and I will pop these in the post by tomorrow. Kristin, also has her own giveaway for one of her pendants. I love her looks like it's soldered silver work, but it's wire-wrapping! She has a cool tutorial showing you how to achieve some of these looks. Buy it. You'll be happy you did. I can't wait to try out her ideas.

Today's post is sans beads and jewelry. I thought I'd share some of stories about adapting to Hong Kong life.

This is kind of like Cliff Notes, only for riding a bike in Hong Kong in the summer.

1) Keep tires properly inflated. As the .33 hp (using the reasoning that a horse runs about 40 mph and I ride my bike at about 13 mph, I am therefore the .33 hp motor for my bike) I recommend keeping the tires of your car properly inflated. I have noticed that I ride with much less effort when the tires of my bike are freshly inflated. (See 2c)

2) Appreciate your windshield. I'm thinking I need something. Otherwise, I have to do the following:

a) Keep my mouth closed while riding. It is mosquito season and it has freshly rained. Fresh, giant crop of mosquitoes. And I hear there is a fly season coming up, too. I have been pelted with bugs while riding home at 13 mph. I, therefore, keep my mouth closed.

b) Don't wear lip gloss. My friends who wear make-up (i.e. lipstick and lip gloss) have reported having bugs adhere to their lips while wearing freshly applied cosmetics.

c) Try not to breath deeply through the nose. While I caught on pretty quick to keeping my mouth closed, it's still hard not to breath deeply while riding uphill. It's not fun to snort a bug. Trust me on this one.

Therefore, I think I will need to:

1) get some kind of face shield, or

2) look like a outlaw of the wild, wild east (sunglasses, bandana over my mouth, cowboy hat)


  1. Hi Jenn

    Hooray! I'm delighted to be the winner of your beautiful beads and ya boo sucks to all those who didnt enter!!! I can't wait to get hold of them and will certainly post on my blog what I make with them.

    Thank you very much also for featuring my jewellery, my blog giveaway and my Wire Flowers tutorial on your blog - you are a star! (You are now a member of my very small fan club!!!)

    All the best, Kristin :)

  2. p.s. Have you entered my giveaway - I can't see your name in the comments section - you are entitled to 2 entries because you have posted me on your blog
    Kristin :)

  3. Well, we all have to start somewhere and I'm glad you got them because you like small beads!!