Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Studio Time: Glass-ified

As in satisfied...

I have my lampwork station setup! Through networking, I was able to keep in touch with another lampwork artist in Hong Kong. She went back to the US and sold me her lampwork setup. I'm so thrilled! It's an upgrade on what I was planning to do. I have been having trouble finding MAPP gas, but wanted to stick with the hothead because I like the simplicity of the single fuel torch.

I'm totally over that now.

My new lampwork setup includes an oxy-con for a dual-fuel torch.


I was expecting to be bad because I haven't done a lick of glass for 6 months. Um. No. My beads were...good! I did decide to focus on the basics...just making really good beads (Laura Sparling's perfect beads have me inspired to master basics and have beautifully formed beads). This torch is so beautiful. It allows me to work quickly, efficiently and make really beautiful beads! I've only done spacer type beads in single colors, but you can do so much with these in jewelry. I do still love organic beads and I have some beginner beads that are inspiring me to explore some things I did when I was a fresh, fresh newbie glass artist. But, back to these spacer beads. Um...I'm amazed...did I really do those? I'm saving photos of the bunch of them for what is inspiring in me in May...but, I did have to rave about my upgraded lampwork setup. If you're still playing with a Hothead and can afford to upgrade...do it. You'll be really, really happy. Really, really.


You know how you love something, even though it's kind of ugly? Much like a dog owner still loves it's homely dog? This is my very first button.

It's so much like my very first beads. While it's pretty hideous, I see all kinds of possibility in it. I learn a lot from my early failures. :-)

Just because I posted an ugly bead picture after talking about my good beads, I'll have to post a picture of some of my new beads just so you know I wasn't making any of this up. These are CiM colors of Rose Quartz and Heffalump. These look like juicy little glass berries.
I'm in love with Creation is Messy colors and with my new lampwork station!


  1. hey glassy girl...

    I think you button bead is cute..
    I'm a folk art lover..:)
    hows the weather there.?
    mona & the girls

  2. Aw! The ugly bead and the bead mama say, "Thank you!"

    I do enjoy organics and things that have a handmade feel. I'm still finding my own voice in glass. I'm not sure if it's in precision or the folk style. We'll see. I love southwest style which seems to marry those two sensibilities together.

    Hm...that has me thinking!

  3. I like the button, too. It has a quirky charm! I'm wishing I could see your new set-up!

  4. heh...quirky...must be why I love it. I'll take pictures ones it's more straightened up and I have things put away.

    I ran out of fuel. And the replacement tank I had waiting in the wings doesn't have the correct fittings. I need to figure that new conundrum out. And get AC installed.