Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Studio Time: Ack! It's the end of the month! The rest of the Demure Collection...

I ended up blogging way more than I expected this month! Huh! I guess there is LOTS going on in the head that much be blogged about. Below are the remaining pieces from the Demure collection.

Simple Southwest

I challenged myself to stay with a simple, classic stringing scheme (it's only five months in Hong Kong, and I'm already used to using "scheme" instead of "plan" in my vocabulary) to complement this stunning, encased floral focal by Sarah Hornik. While florals aren't Sarah's "thing," she does them SO well. I love fun, bright, funky floral things. Finished off in small turquoise rounds and sterling silver handmade figure-eight chain.

These are the earrings that complement the Simple Southwest necklace above. They are a little bit blingy due to the length and silver, but are still demure because of focusing on the turquoise and staying with small beads.

Demure Wild, Wild East

Yellow and brown jades, antiqued brass and wooden beads. Classic, simple, elegant, demure.

Cotton Candy Bubble Clusters

These are the remaining beads from one of my sessions learning some reactive glass habits and dot techniques from Sarah Hornik's Think Pink tutorial. The necklace and earrings are attention getters, even if they are demure.
I will post the jewelry in my Artfire shop tomorrow.

Speaking of bananas

Well, I guess no one was technically speaking of bananas...anyway, I found a blog with someone who has a sense of humor I can relate to. Aardvark Art Glass. I totally understand the temptation of the banana and the hammer.

This post about reminds of an incident when my mom got a telemarketer to hang up on her. What is it about the perverse delight of turning the tables on marketers? I told my mom about this blog post and she's all ready to sign up over on Facebook and have a go at torturing the marketers. I wonder if she could blow up their marketing algorithms? Hm....


  1. oooOOOoooMyyy...the yellow & brown jades...beautious...i've NEVER seen jade in these colors...oh my...and the cotton candy pink...so yummy...i have a new appreciation for sheer talent!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Just beautiful, the Turqouise necklace is stunning

  3. Nancy - you're so sweet! It's nice to have such encouraging feedback. And I'm only have fun. (Or funz as my niece used to say.)

    Mel - Sarah's glass bead was unbelievably stunning. The necklace wears nicely, too. Thank you so much for stopping by!