Monday, August 3, 2009

Artfully Meandering: Asian Inspiration

I had an opportunity to see the Forbidden City in Beijing a few months ago. I meant to post pictures sooner, but I've had so much to say and so much to show, I didn't know where I was going to fit it in. This little lull is a perfect opportunity to post some random inspiration.

Even though ornate is not my particular design sense, you can't help but appreciate the artistry. The thing that struck me, though, is that you can do ornate if you are consistent with the theme. The Forbidden City is HUGE! You just walk, and walk, and walk...there is so much art and effort in this impressive palace. There are various works of art, the complex itself is a work of art, and the harmony and consistency in the presentation make the ornateness work.

This is freshly restored paint. Even restoration requires a great deal of patience and artistry!

It's kind of fun to make up your own stories and interpretations of art. There is a pair of brass or bronze (I didn't look closely, I don't know the metal) at the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. My friend and I made up a story about this pair...

This is the Papa Lion...he has a ball under his paw, so he's out playing games...

This is the Mama Lion with a Lion Cub under paw...home taking care of the kids...


  1. Great photos! I'd love to see that in person!

  2. It is very ornate and colorful, but pretty. I love the lions, I would like a couple of those by my garden gate, I wonder if it would keep the deer away? Nice photos Jenn. :)

  3. Thanks! It's definitely not the same as the European palaces. Very different feel and so interesting.

  4. You lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl! My husband and I were supposed to go to China for our honeymoon but he was still active duty military and one of our AF planes went down there and he wasn't allowed to go and... well anyway, we didn't get to visit. But I did live in Korea for three years so did see a lot of amazing temples and such!

  5. Wow Jen what a beautiful place, thanks for sharing the inspiring photos. Hope your well...I am just catching up on your blog and I will email soon this week I hope:D Pets to your baby and hope the heads doing well too.