Monday, July 27, 2009

Hong Kong Chronicles: Just a little warning of some quiet time...

1) I will have a lot going on the next month with visitors coming and going

2) I have some custom orders and a wedding gift

3) I'm still trying to figure out how to program my new kiln. I had this one in the States and had a 220-volt one sent to me...after a false start with the wrong adapter, I now have the right adapter and need to play with the programming a little more

4) There is a possibility I may postpone my August newsletter since time is so short, or it may be late if I can squeeze it in, or I may repeat my July theme since it's one of my favorites...not sure quite what to do with a tight timeframe.

5) I have started another website project that will be taking a little bit of time (not too much at first, maybe more in September once I get settled and thing calm down)

6) And a possible move from my beautiful home on Lantau. Don't worry though, I'm picking out a good spot on Hong Kong Island. This is one of the potential flats and the view it has. I will try to get a movie of my current flat before I leave it.


  1. ...breathe...and whatever it enjoy...

  2. Taking time off is a good thing!