Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Studio News: Blooming in June Designer Challenges

I get my creativity from my mother. We were having a conversation about her creative outlet and what she can do with it. It's kind of fun to help her figure out what to do with her ideas and bounce ideas off her and share things. We discussed our chosen mediums. I love all kinds of mediums, but glass makes me weak in the knees. Hers is photography and paper. I offered her some of my glass beads for her to experiment with mixed media collage.

In so doing, I told her what other artists are doing with my beads...and sent her a bunch of links to their work. And then I realized...I had forgotten to post the Blooming in June Designers Challenge results! These two designers ideas make me swoon...Kristin at KS Jewellery Designs has developed a flawless elegance with wire-wrapped silver. Yes, that's right. Wire-wrapped. No soldering involved! (She has created a tutorial to teach you some of her techniques.) And Mel at Kookie Designs...she's a designer after my own heart with her vibrant use of color. I feel like a crow who spots a shiny piece of foil...I want!!!

Since I had only two comments on the giveaway post, I changed up the rules a bit and sent off two sets of beads packaged up. I kept a set myself, played with the same theme, and posted my results here. I sent bead packages off blindly to challenge the designers...and Kristin received the vibrant set and Mel received the the more subdued set. Here are the results...I love seeing their individual stamp of artistry with sets that are similar in nature. The pieces both shout their designer's name.

KS Jewellery Designs

My mom's comments, "I love the bead encircled by the silver petals. how did she do that? did you do all those purple beeds they look great w the silver!"

Kookie Designs

My mom's comments: "i like the ring!"
Kanna Glass Update
I just moved into my new flat/apartment. Today. As always...I don't sleep well the first night in a new place, so I'm finishing this post for the blog. My newsletter will be a bit late, but I will have one for September. I had a theme planned, but with this move into a smaller accommodation, I have a new theme that seems more appropriate. I'm still getting settled, so my posts may be a bit random for a little while. Thanks so much for stopping by and your patience with this new transition for me!


  1. ...get happy...& take lots of photos of the new flat too!!!

  2. I can't wait to see where you've moved to...hope you and the little sweetie settle in quickly. The jewelry outcomes are beautiful, I love the bracelets but I think that funky ring is my favourite. I still plan to get back to those lovely emails of yours!...I am in the midst of exhibition preps so it may be abit longer. P.S. thanks yet again for the comment about Hazzy...I think your the only one who is understanding why I have to post photos of her even though she's gone and to have someone acknowledge those photos means the world, thank you a million times. Be Well Jenn, XO Mandy.

  3. Thank you, Nancy and Mandy! My flat is relatively organized already. Nothing like a small space to force orderliness. (I love it.)I'll definitely be taking pictures of the views. I have a fabulous new backdrop for my jewelry and can't wait to take new pix. I want to get things hung up and arranged before I give the apartment tour. :-)

  4. I love both of their ideas. I would definitely buy/wear the wire-wrapped bracelets and the ring. :0 )

  5. Thanks Jenn for the feature. I really enjoyed this challenge. As you know it helped me get my inspiration back. When's the next one? Count me in!
    Happy days in your new flat.
    Kristin :)

  6. I am just now starting to see light at the end of the tunnel in my blogs..only 4 days behind! I just wanted to say good luck in the new place Jenn and take lots of pics to share with us :)