Monday, October 26, 2009

Artfully Meandering: Beginner Work

A beautiful early hit. I don't remember all of the beads, but I think the colored beads were citrine and carnelian. I think. This was one of my first necklaces that I gave to my mom. And she won't part with it. I looked at it with fresh eyes (three years since I've seen it) and "oohed" over it before I realized it was one of mine. That's kind of a nice have your mom, who is knowledgeable about jewelry and you, who has progressed in skill, look back on an early piece and still admire it.

This one, not so much. These were the very first lampwork beads I ever bought. They are from Grace Lampwork Beads. I think I was headed on the right track, but missed the station somehow. I love the green, enameled beads with accents of copper. I plan to re-configure this necklace. It's not a complete miss, but with additional understanding and skills, I know how to refine this into a quality piece that I will like much better. The main thing that bugs me is that the "Swarovskis" are fakes. I didn't know the difference at the time. I do now!


  1. ...OH...& i'm wearing my lariat right now...violet...while sipping Buckingham Palace tea...reading this...loving them...there's something to be said for revisiting...home & jewelry boxes...brightens the heart...

  2. Hi Jenn

    I know you are on vacation at the moment but I have been e-mailing you - please can you contact me re. the bangle - I need to check something with you before I send it.

    Kristin :)

  3. Hi, Nancy - so glad you're enjoying the Violet & Lime! I love that color combo and your tea sounds heavenly... my nieces each have a jewelry box that they like to go through with grandma. So cute! It's all in the family, I guess!