Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Studio News: Within these woods...

My dad took me out of his way to bury Bijou's ashes in northern Wisconsin where our other special family pets lie. It was significantly out of the way. But, he has a soft heart like me when it comes to our animals. Maybe even softer.

Within these woods
Lie our special family fur friends
Ellie - our Maltese who never complained (September, 2006)
Kodi - our wild, red-headed golden retriever (July, 2008)

and now joined by Bijou - my clumsy boy, who always made me laugh (January, 2009)

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have known my little Texan Maltese. He was born, raised, and died in Texas. He visited Wisconsin on family vacations. And he was always funny. I was happy to have had the opportunity to be his mama while he lived and to spoil him just a little and give him a happy, secure doggy life. He is well missed and thought of with happiness and funny memories. It helps me to have a "back-up" Maltese in Molly. For some reason, I had always assumed Bijou would have been the back-up Maltese. Either way, my strategy worked...Molly has been a huge help with the grieving and filling the void.

And while on vacation, I have an Alt Malt (Alternate Maltese), my dad's little six-pound Maltese named Madison (Maddy for short) who is your friend for life if you give her lots and lots of belly rubs. Which I have been carefully tending to the belly rubs and making good friends. She is my dad's dog...she follows him around, watches him to see if he's going to sit down and if she should sit with him. But, I've made inroads into her belly-rub heart. She even slept with me once. She is trying to share herself with all three of us (my dad, mom, and me). She is ridiculously cute, and well, must get smooches and bellyrubs and backrubs. She helps fill the Maltese void while on vacation. But, I'm missing my Hong Kong Molly Dolly...


  1. oh look, and she knows how to drive too! :)

  2. I know! She's the perfect dog! Except she's so darn cute, I've spent half my vacation petting her. (I might be exaggerating slightly.)

  3. Thanks, Lori! I haven't been to Wisconsin in the fall in three years and it was nice to see the beautiful autumn. I did a road trip with my dad to SC and it was gorgeous. One thing about living in the south (Texas and Hong Kong), I miss true autumns. But, I don't miss winter!