Sunday, October 25, 2009

Studio News: Wandering Around the States

While in Texas for a business trip, I had the pleasant surprise of having an impromptu "trunk show" with my colleagues. Thank you, Valerie and Dawn, who helped me learn quite a bit from this experience about how to prepare, answer questions, and not be nervous. It helps to practice small "shows" on friendly people you already know before you try anything bigger. It was a really pleasant surprise for me to sell some of my jewelry! I'm glad I brought what I had been working on! I also learned a lot about what people like, how to pack and display the jewelry, determine what is popular, then continue to develop a line that will resonate with people in general and still play with the "art" side of jewelry. In short, it was a pleasant surprise, full of fun, and a great learning experience for me.

I was in Wisconsin to attend a friends wedding and am now visiting family in South Carolina. My vacation is flying by so very quickly! I really do not miss the cold. Or the winter. But, I miss autumn. Caramel apples. Hot cider. Custard. Bratwurst. Wisconsin cheese.

My mom likes vintage jewelry and we've gone through her stash of jewelry. Her stash also includes some of the jewelry I have made for her...a beautiful double spiral chain maille bracelet, some earrings and necklaces. I'll do a post on that later. We also spent some time in the antique malls checking out vintage jewelry.


  1. Hi Jenn,
    I hope you had a great time being back in the states and visiting with family and friends. Wish we could have had a chance to talk, but maybe next time. When are you going back to Hong Kong?

    Have a safe trip back, and we will talk soon. :) Juli~

  2. What a PERFECT leaf! Red leaves are my favorite of all the fall leaves. We used to have fire bushes at our old house, and I miss them.

  3. ...east coast...west coast...midwest...northwest...down south...up north...EVERY direction in the glad you have the enjoy it Jenn!

  4. Thanks, Juli, Lori and Nancy! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I was able to rest and refresh thoroughly and just "be" and spend time with my family. We didn't have to run off and do a bunch of things. Just integrated into daily life. I enjoyed that...especially after the whirlwind of the first week. But, I did enjoy the road trip with my nice to spend some extra time with him.