Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hong Kong Chronicles: Happy Feet

Eighteen months and 30 pairs of shoes later, I have found My Ideal Shoe for Hong Kong.

The 18 months is in migraine time. If I didn't have chronic migraines, I might have found these shoes in 6 months. Ah, well. I've found them now.

I saw a billboard advertisement for Geox shoes that said, "Geox breathes." I bought a pair of the Geox shoes three months ago when yet another pair of my shoes wore out. Three months later, they are holding up fantastically. They look as new as the day I bought them. They do breathe better than normal shoes, which is tremendously helpful in humid Hong Kong. They did need a little breaking in, since they are leather, but with gel cushions, I have been able to wear these babies all over and walk with very, very happy feet. They are a little pricey (I think about $125) but for the wear I've been able to get with the first pair, it's worth the investment.

I had a brief period of life (maybe 5 years) as a shoe fashionista. That era ended with my arrival in Hong Kong. I have attempted some 2-inch heels. My feet were not happy. With all the walking I do here, all heels have been banished in favor of comfortable, durable flats. Geox offer some cute styles in flats. And I'm very happy to find shoes that I can buy in shops near where I work. Yay! No more shipping from the US shoes that were probably made in China. It's beginning to feel like home!


  1. oh yes!...comfy and cute!...( am wearing birkenstocks right now..comfy and necessary, but cute, not a tad! :)

  2. Thanks, KerinRose...I look at the Birkenstocks, and will probably indulge at some point! At the moment, my day job requires a little more dressiness, so I'm happy to have found an alternative I can live with.

  3. Those are the cutest shoes. I will have to see if they sell them here..