Monday, May 3, 2010

Studio Time: Polymer Clay Progress

Hello, Blogland! I am making a brief appearance. I am hoping it will be more frequent, but who knows. I have been suffering from a case of the "blehs" after traveling. I always seem to suffer from the "blehs" after traveling.

Bleh = (adj.) the state between blah and functional human being

No, it's not a full-blown case of the "blahs". Just...bleh. I sometimes am able to return home and take care of everything instantly (wash, put the clean laundry away, put the suitcases way). And then there are the other times where it takes me weeks to return to the normal life rhythm. I know it sounds bad, but this is a reason I don't like travel. I'm really caught up for a while. Then I travel and I'm playing catch-up for weeks. That and I don't like being folded in half in a seat in a cramped space. I'm sure chronic health problems play into that feeling...

But, we've had some fabulous weather in Hong Kong. Usually the two seasons are cold and damp and hot and humid. This year, we had a actual spring! From the years I've been traveling here and experiences I've heard from my friends, it's been a rather nice spring. I've actually had a few days where it was pleasant to be outside and I wasn't melting into a pool. And on top of that, we finally had sunshine! Imagine that...comfortable temperatures and sunshine!

The latest in my polymer progression.

I love what you can do with scrap. I tried a few more versions of this, but I think I may need to invest in a "real" toaster oven. This one seems to heat up quite a bit and bubble up my clay. Then again, I've been noticing it bubbles more easily on thin pieces. I'm sure there are ways around that. The spectacular part about polymer is how fabulously light it is, especially on the ears, even for large pieces like the ones below.

I want to make sure my polymer clay "children" are well behaved before I release them into the wild... A little more testing and practice. Then we'll start working on the shop again!


  1. Oooh, look at all the fun colors! Plus greens and pinks are huge this year so these should be just the thing for spring outfits.
    I'm glad you finally got some agreeable weather. Sunlight that doesn't bake or steam is priceless and should be savored whenever possible. Enjoy the beautiful spring!

  2. Hey! Blogger finally let you comment! Yay...

  3. Jenn...good to hear it's not the full blown blahs, ha ha...take your time getting back...we'll be hear waiting no matter how long:D

  4. Love the colors in the second set of earrings.

    You mentioned health problems. So how are the migraines treating you?

  5. I'm not great at travelling. I do enjoy it when I do it but I don't look forward to it at all! It's been a while now since I set foot outside of the UK. The extra security, delays, strikes and now dust clouds of volcanic ash just make me think it's not worth the potential hassle. I absolutely detest having my time wasted by others.

    Do hope your health problems are improving.


  6. Love, Love, Love the grn/pnk/purple earrings, especially how the colors blend. Very Artsy!

  7. Jen, Love, Love, Love the purple/pink/blue/green Earrings. Especially the way the colors blend.
    Very Artsy!