Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Studio Time: Mad Hatter Earrings and Pendant

Hi, Chickadees - I've been fearfully absent from the blog, but the good news is that I'm getting more organized and streamlined. I hope the trend continues...I keep seeming to run across situations that change my home organization...anyway...

These pieces are still a little messy (and therefore being kept for continued testing purposes), but I liked the quirky feel of the pendant and earrings.

I threw in a riot of colors in tiny dots to make it more interesting. Quirky. Just like the Mad Hatter.

Thank you, Mandy, Sue, Lori, and Shaiha for checking in and commenting even though I've been pretty absent lately. I appreciate your support! Lori - if you like those earrings, I can do more of the little teardrops if you would like. Just let me know the colors! Same goes for anyone who sees anything I'm doing.

Take care for now! Will try to post before three weeks go by.


  1. Hi Jenn.. Missed you..
    Cool, colorful necklace, I love it!

  2. Thse are CUTE!! Welcome back. :)

  3. Wow, those are cute. Love the whimsical look. regards Stefanie

  4. Hi, Juli! I missed posting. I'm so out of sync with my jewelry routine. Jen and Steufel, thanks for the positive feedback. They are still a little rough, but I like them and want to try them and make it less rough. I'm trying!