Saturday, April 9, 2011

Artfully Meandering: It's almost home

I shined up the necklace I made last week. I love it! I'm getting my home more set up and feeling like home. I have my CiM glass in lovely vases. It's amazing how glass is just pretty without being made into anything. I love having it as decorations in my home.

A picture of my colorful mantle.

And a little bit of interesting news...I took the silversmithing class at the Beaded Frog. I went back today and visited with Heidi, the owner, to pick up more tools and get myself set up. I love the way she runs her's like a studio for those who aren't able to set up their own studio. She has a nice array of tools, beads, materials and various classes you can take. We started talking about lampworking and I'm going to teach Beginning Lampwork classes at the Beaded Frog! I'm quite excited about it. My focus will be working safely with a torch. It will be for beginners using the Hothead torch. I plan to do one-on-one sessions. The goal is to teach how to make spacers...enough to make a necklace or bracelet or earrings, or a full set of jewelry. I'm going to work on the course documents and the kits. We haven't settled on the price yet as I need to figure it out based on the kit of equipment and the overhead associated with the class. Once I have that information, I'll post it. So, if you're interested in learning beginning lampworking, and you're in Greenville, I will teach one-on-one classes at the Beaded Frog on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

And more white dogwoods. I want to get some pictures of the pink dogwoods. They're so interesting and pretty.

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