Friday, April 15, 2011

Artfully Meandering: My new "Photo Studio"

What happened as an experiment and a desire to take a "quick picture" turned into new photo studio! With a good camera (i.e. Canon Digital Rebel), I am less dependent on perfect lighting conditions. I had just purchased this small bust for displaying necklaces and was going to set up my "studio" in a different location. But I love vases of CiM glass. When I took the photos in the previous post, I liked it so much, I moved the original painting and hung it in another location. Then I obtained a canvas, textured it and colorwashed it in my "Kanna Green" that matches across all of my cards, packaging, websites, etc. And !Oila! a new, photo studio. I am still learning my new camera. I will need to get a flash to practice the bounce technique to get that ethereal light quality I really love in the best photos. Sorry, this one is a little fuzzy. The pieces laying flat still need a little tweaking.

The next three are my favorite photos. I love the splashes of color with the glass props...

The simplicity of the textured background and white foreground...

And the interest of the slightly off center photo... so many choices, so much fun!

I also just opened my business account. That took a little while, but I'm going to go at my jewelry business (spare time, still) this year and see if I can make it profitable. If not, then I'll reduce back to hobby. But, here we go! I'll share the bits and bites of the business side of things as I go.


  1. CONGRATS & from a BIG FAN of yours...BRAVO!

  2. Thank you Nancy! I'm glad to be back and we'll see how this little adventure goes.