Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Studio Time: Color Crazy Necklace

I describe my style as organic, colorful, rustic, textural, and primitive. What makes my design rustic? I strive to show “the hand” in my pieces from the texture, rough shapes, patina, dings, hammer marks, fingerprints, imperfections, and organic lines.

I was particularly excited about the striped, organically faceted tube beads in the middle. I've done beads like this before, but they were a little sloppier. This version turned out better. 

It took me 8 hours on Friday to create this piece. I'm out of the habit of making things, so I'm excited I was able to finish this piece just in the nick of time to make it into the monthly art show. Go check out the other artists submissions - such cool art out there!

I did a test wearing of this piece. For those who are color addicts, it's definitely a look-at-me necklace! If you're not so color crazy, it's a bit over the top. 

Are you a color fanatic? Work with me on custom colors for your core wardrobe colors! I'm taking custom orders on this style or variations on this style.

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