Friday, April 1, 2016

Creative Finds: Mixed Media Event - Brenda @ Art by Brenda Liz

My mom hosted a small mixed media show for our friends last weekend featuring six artists who sell their work. I asked permission to share their work and links to their online presence.

This week I'm featuring Brenda atArt by Brenda Liz. She is a local, St. Augustine, Florida artist who is working in acrylic and oils.  

Brenda @ Art by Brenda Liz
Instagram @ BrendaLiz.Art

Brenda has been working smart by creating a range of items. These small 4"x4" burlap panels are simple painted beach themed items perfect for the Florida beach market. I snagged these four pieces for my home.

Oil Palette Knife Painting

I like the bright cheery nature of poppies. Well, I like all flowers. In this painting she has started experimenting with palette knife painting. It's really rich and interesting! I'm really looking forward to her explorations in palette knife painting and oils.

Custom Pet Painting

Last, I just had to highlight an acrylic painting Brenda did for my parents. This is my dad's sweet little doggie, Madison, that passed last year at only 11 1/2 years old. We expected to have her with us for a few more years. She was just a snuggle bunny who loved her belly rubs. She was extremely devoted to my dad. While people who meet us think all of our Maltese look alike, anyone who has multiple dogs of the same breed, knows each one has their own unique little personality. Brenda perfectly captured Maddie's expression.

Brenda posts her work and her progress over on Instagram Instagram @ BrendaLiz.Art. I recommend following her work!

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