Friday, April 8, 2016

Creative Finds: Rosanne Points

My mom hosted a small mixed media show for our friends in mid-March featuring six artists who sell their work. I asked permission to share their work and links to their online presence.

This week I'm featuring Rose Ann Points, a multi-busy artist. Not only is she a new and talented quilter, she is also a yacht broker, which is perfect for our Florida location. 

Rose Points @ Atlas Yacht Sales

Rose Ann started quilting only recently (in the last two years) to connect and help her mom with some of her hobbies. As she started helping her mom, she discovered her own talent for quilting and dove in head first deep into the quilting world. As a fabric designer, we've been talking about collaborations - I want her to design a quilt for my bedroom featuring my fabrics and she wants to learn how to create her own designs. I think I see many a future collaboration between us! 

Rose Ann created a range of price points for this art show and demonstrated the embroidery patterns her very cool machine can do. 

The Amazing Quilts

So, these are the amazing quilts Rose Ann makes. She made these gorgeous quilts with nearly 450 individually cut out hearts, appliqu├ęd in many different square blocks. I've been assembling a guest room specifically for my nieces to feel comfortable staying in when they come over and I think these quilts just put the room over the top. My past two guests have raved about the quilts.

Follow Rose Ann on her website as she creates these delightful little quilts and gifts.

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