Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Studio Time: Experimenting

This month is the month for wild experimentation. When I do that, usually my experimentation with color is off the charts. This piece is keeping it in the pink and purple range, but still a funky stripe. I've done these quilted hearts before, but I let the texturing and random placement of the slivers of cane just do what it felt like doing instead of trying to be careful and intentional. My niece lit up when she saw it. She wearing it to give it a test for sturdiness and meanwhile, I think I've come up with some ways to make the hearts sturdier.

I've already started dialing back the color crazy with this turquoise and copper necklace. It's an experimental design and is getting good reviews, even unsolicited reviews from strangers. I want to experiment with happy spring colors. 

Finally, an experimental custom commission from a friend to find a way to make this hand-made glass arrowhead into a piece of jewelry. My original goal was to wire-wrap it, but I found the wire I had, even the thin stuff, was still too thick and strong for this delicate glass piece. I experimented with with free-form seed beading, but it overtook the arrowhead too much. Even so, it was a fun experiment. I have some thinner wire on order which will probably do the trick for wire-wrapping.

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