Saturday, February 7, 2009

Studio Time: Hobbies are great when you're homebound

Moon Katty Studios has a new blog! I introduced her in a piece I created from her little cutie beads and Michael-S focal. I purchased Moon Katty's Foxfire set from her Artfire store and, once again, they serendipitously went with another Michael-S Focal! Here is the start of my Foxfire Fabulous necklace. I'll be finishing it off in figure 8 silver chain...but I ran out of wire.

I've also been sidelined due to a foot injury. Thanks to a fun hobby, I haven't gone stir-crazy. I'm so dependent on my feet for transportation, that I've forced myself to stay in for 5 days to keep off my feet. And below is another start of a creation I'm calling Cog-nitive Therapy since I finally figured out how to incorporate some fabulous Laura Sparling Rainbow Cogs into a necklace and show off the designs on the side of the beads. I'm planning to finish this off in leather.

And finally, a gift for a friend who has been incredibly helpful getting around and set up in Hong Kong. A simple leather necklace with dangles of one Citrine Briolette and faceted Amethyst in a mix of sterling silver and gold fill. Purple is this season's fashion color in Hong Kong.

One final announcement: I am working on re-branding myself as Kanna Glass Studios. When I started this whole journey, I struggled with going with a studio name or my personal name. I also have been working on finding my voice in glass and jewelry. I think I have found my unique voice and my studio name I have chosen (Kanna Glass Studios) has a lot of personal meaning to me. So, in keeping with new beginnings, I'm planning to re-launch my business as Kanna Glass Studios. I will be launching the new blog with the blog series, "A Jewelry Designer's Guide to Lampwork." I am not able to project a date for when I expect to launch...I'm still doing this as a hobby that fits in around the rest of my life. I'll keep you posted on the updates and post the link when it's ready. Thank you so much for following and the support as I've stumbled through finding my place in the art glass world.


  1. Wow, loving the top necklace - really Zingy :)

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm a color addict. :-)

  3. Wow- you posted about me! Thank you! I love the way you are using the Foxfire set. Funny how my beads keep working with the Michal S. beads. The colors in that focal are just yum. Hope your feet recover soon. Until then, take advantage of that at-home time!

  4. Thank you for all the great feedback!