Friday, February 13, 2009

Artfully Meandering: Inspiration Typhoon

I have at least ten pages of ideas in my journal from living here in Hong Kong. And those are only from the last three days. The moods of the sky, mountains, and sea are making my creative storm tremble with electricity, waiting to break loose.





Just a little preview of the muse that is Hong Kong...

I'm usually all about color. Bright. Bold. Primary. In your face. Color. In photos, the colors look more monochromatic, but it's teaching me about the subtleties. Some of the ideas it's producing in my head are more elegant, refined.
Need. Studio. Soon.


  1. Such a contrast from living in Texas. The color variations are more on the subtle side. I can envision some sophisticated color combinations under those conditions!

  2. Your first image with all the gray and the hint of orange is really impressive. I am doing an inspiration thing tomorrow at our local ocenarium - and I am going to look at colour first, shape and otherwise is gonna be secondary.

  3. Thank you ladies! I know...I'm used to 23/7 sun in Texas (it's not 24 because we get occasional storms...:-)

    All the colors are here, it's just like putting gauze over bright colors and learning to work within a narrower range. There are still greens, blues, browns...just muted.

    Diana - the oceanarium sounds like a cool idea! Have fun...

  4. jenn .. great blog... and your beads are beautiful....
    can't wait to see more ...

    have a great week

    mona & the gaffer girls