Sunday, May 3, 2009

Studio Time: Urban Primrose

organic / geometric
color / monochrome
natural / manmade

The urban/natural dichotomy was my inspiration for this month's theme.

Inspiration Challenge

Within your art medium, what dichotomies push your boundaries? What is your current comfort zone in the realm of color, texture, art medium, inspiration source? What is the opposite of your comfort zone? For example, if you like organic design, can you try precision? If you like color, can you experiment with monochrome? Can you experiment with texture?

Ready for a challenge? If you take up this challenge, send me photos or blog links!

My inspiration generally springs from elegant, clean, and organic. Southwest U.S. style is my favorite style. The reason I mention this is that anything Urban is a design challenge for me.

If you want a sneak peek at my urban inspirations, you can pop over to my Flickr Gallery or Artfire Shop. Stories behind the actual pieces will be posted throughout the month. Below is a quick little preview of the goodies to come.


  1. Firstly, what GREAT photos...what a view... (i dig your city)!!!
    Secondly, what a FUNtastic got me spinning! challenge me to be inspired by geometric as I completely come from an organic spirit...oooOOOooo...what's gonna happen to you...?????

  2. Thank you, Nancy! The mountains and ocean are fabulous. This is the view from where I work. Can't help but get some inspiration from that!

    I only stretched myself a little bit on the challenge...some of the really urban ideas I had, well, I don't possess the skills. So, I interpreted the theme. I see my style evolving from these little inner challenges and themes.

  3. Well, oddly enough...I think by talking with you, working on my up coming blog post and reading this news letter I had a sort of mutating, self-challenging, outside comfort zone moment! And I love what happened! I think I just taught myself to be less heavy handed when it comes to editing and created a true soft look! Never knew how to do that before! lol! (Some of the new work is up on Flickr.)
    So, thanks ;-)

  4. Rachel - I'm drooling (not really) waiting for your upcoming post. This is my favorite of the batch. I think I like the contrasts of colors and light-colored objects.

    I love the high-key look. Can't wait to try it out!