Thursday, May 9, 2013

Studio Time: Breaking the line drawing apart

Cheery Blossom 2 - Line Sketch

In my last post I mentioned that I like to scan in a line drawing .jpg and use Image Trace in Illustrator to take the lines apart into components. I very much like the look of hand-drawn versus a completely computer drawn image (although I will experiment with that later). Even though I'm using Adobe Ideas which helps vectorize the drawing, there is still enough of "me" in the drawing that reflects my hand. 

I started with Cheery Blossom 2 above. Below is the design colored in and taken apart component by component. I like using the pieces, the lines, what was originally negative space, even the tiny innards of the center and using them in various ways. I find all of these pieces help create a cohesiveness in the final design because it all relates to each other. It's a digital version of "nothing goes to waste." 

On the top are the components taken apart completely. On the bottom, there are various combinations of two of the components. I'm going to experiment with the pieces below to create some different designs and different color ways. 

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