Friday, May 3, 2013

Artfully Meandering: Experimenting with Adobe Creative Cloud

I have a subscription to the very cool Adobe Creative Cloud. For $50/month you get access to the entire suite of Adobe tools. I'm in love with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Ideas (an iPad app). 

I have loads of ideas for surface pattern designs. I really love this sketch and would love to turn the idea of this into designs.

I'm experimenting with using Ideas to create the bones of the design. When I first started experimenting with design, I would draw on paper and scan the images in as a .jpg, then use Illustrator to Image Trace and take each image apart line by line. I found I used all pieces of the image, the outline, the insides and they created a consistent pattern style for me. My goal now is to become totally digital. I'm always go to love paper, pen, and pencils. I want to start with a detailed design on paper like the above. That way I can draw freely. 

Now, to create a surface pattern design that I could use for fabric or house wares, I'm creating the components of the above design and will use the pieces to build a collection for a final design.

I started calling this a "Cherry Blossom" collection and did a typo and called it "Cheery Blossom." I rather liked it, so this has become the Cheery Blossom collection. Here are the sketches so far:

Cheery Blossom 1

Cheery Blossom 2

Cheery Blossom 3

Cheery Blossom 4

Cheery Buds

Cheery Grass Blades

Cheery Leaves

Cheery Branches


  1. This looks so much fun and I can see how your designs can just grow and grow!
    Kristin :)

  2. Thanks, Kristin! I'm having fun playing with the tools and taking sketches and doing patterns with them. It's fun to play and see where this path leads.