Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Studio Time: Whimsical Butterfly in a Wildflower Garden

I'm trying to get some of my designs out onto my Pinterest board. I have some upcoming posts about my process of creating these designs. I'm super loving this set. 

This entire design starts with this line sketch. By breaking this line sketch apart, I created the following two designs. I'll explain the process in a series of Friday Design posts. 

I found a little graphic of words that I thought expressed my design style. I created this when I was brand new to surface pattern design last year and as I develop my style, I find all of these words still very true. The two designs in the remaining part of the post really epitomize what I feel is the essence of my current design sensibility.

I love rustic designs. The gingham in this design represents the country side of rustic that I love. Even though it looks like there are a number of different wildflowers in the sketchy part of the design, it really is just a breakdown of the same line drawing above, just separated and remixed as many ways as possible. The sun is also part of the flower and the rays are just a stretched petal. This wildflower mix turned out exactly as I hoped. Maybe even better. This is very much how I sketch in freehand and to be able to assemble it in Adobe Illustrator and have it look hand-sketched (just a little better) makes me really happy. I like that my digital work can reflect my hand drawn work.

The whimsical butterfly is a painstaking assembly of the leaves and stems in the wildflowers, just expanded and placed to look more butterfly-y (I know, not a real word). The dots on the butterfly are more of the same flowers. 

The neon version was a very cool happy accident. I was trying to create a black border on the white background and the background turned black. When I saw it, it looked neon and I loved it. I think I'm liking this neon version a little better.

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