Friday, May 24, 2013

Studio Time: Second Collection from a single motif

I've been continuing in the series of how I created my simple collections out of a single motif. 

Cheery Crazy Daisy Collection

The other design I picked up on was what looked like a stylized daisy. I love daisies. I started with the colorful check pattern on the top right. I loved the pastel colors. Then I started playing more. I started out with a more colorful and whimsical placement of the flowers. I ended up with some more traditional motifs on the top left by sticking with two colors and a traditional placement. 

Bedding Mock-Up

I would love to see this as a girl's bedding collection. A little different because it's blue in the background, but still feminine with the pastel colors and daisy motifs. I am a girl who prefers less traditional feminine colors, but still like bedding that says "girl," this is the type of bedding I would love in my home.

Blue Crazy Daisy Collection

I took the above collection and toned it down to a two-color set in blue and white set. A more adult version of the above set.

1 comment:

  1. That is gorgeous, very inspiring patterns when put together!
    I was wondering where do you find these beautiful bed templates? I have been looking for a template like that for long time, wish I could see my own patterns on that template!