Monday, March 9, 2009

Studio News: Newsletter Sign-Up

Here is some information on the newsletter I'm planning to launch on April 1.
The Kanna Spark!
sharing creative and business inspirations for launching artists
After a major relocation (from Hong Kong to Texas) and two years of experimenting with my online presence, and fielding questions from other new artists regarding online activities, my brain suddenly latched onto the little niche I'm planning to explore.
A little history: everyone is a unique intersection of experiences, thoughts, and feelings. One of my alter egos is as a project manager in the IT field. While I'm not uber-technical (I'm just a project manager...which means I don't actually do any of the work) technology doesn't scare me. I do get frustrated. Often. But I'll chip away at it until I can make it "heel" good enough to suit my needs. I often find myself in a position of assisting others who are a little more intimidated by technology.
I plan to use my blend of day job experiences with my creative inspirations to help newer artists find their online, business, and creative footing.
Regular sections of the newsletter will contain:
  • Ignite the Fire - what is sparking my creative imagination at the moment
  • A Business Bite - some technical tidbits about lampworking or various business activities that may be of use as you develop your business
  • Interpretations - how my brain took the theme from "Ignite the Fire" and interpreted it into jewelry
  • My Favorite Things - favorite online destinations, books, or whatever I'm finding particularly useful at the moment.
  • Kanna Glass Studios Online - the KGS promotion bit.
The sign-up box is over on the left.
I will archive the newsletters on my website in chronological order as well as by subject order.
I will continue to use my blog as a complement to the newsletter, posting the finished pieces of jewelry and some current musings.