Monday, March 30, 2009

Hong Kong Chronicles: Sun Joy

Yay! After a month without sun, it's finally stopping by to visit! Happy, happy, joy, joy!! (That's from a cartoon, but I can't remember which one...Edit: I's from Ren & Stimpy. Only I don't mean happy, happy, joy, joy in the satirical way they sang it...I mean Happy for real that there is SUN in my world!) Ah, vitamin D is good!

I'm going to soak up my sun-joy and store it for the periods of no sun. Usually the mountains and sea make up for the lack of sun, but the fog was shrouding all of it. Fog is a wee bit oppressive.

In spite of the sun-lack, I'm still finding endless sources of inspiration here in Hong Kong. Molly and I take inspiration walks on Sunday. I plan to have monthly themes for my newsletter. The above is a sample of one of the themes I'm going to refine..."Textures." This was my first in a line of experiments I have in mind. This was the best of the photos...but I want to improve angles, lighting, composition. Just a little preview of plans in the works.

Official launch as Kanna Glass Studios is tomorrow, April 1. (Not a joke.) Updated links:
Website * Blog * Flickr * Artfire

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