Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Artfully Meandering: I knew it!

Doodling is good for you.

I've always doodled. Sometimes, I doodle more than other times. I've started more doodling in the last few years when I started my art focus in earnest. It's an interesting correlation - I started art as a relief valve for stress. I started doodling more to get more design ideas. After reading this blog and watching this video, I think the two are intertwined. Can't tell which came first. After getting razzed for doodling in meetings and people commenting on how bored I must be, this little post and video shows that people get more out of listening when they doodle!

Blog post:


Regarding the new digs: I'm getting closer! I have the content of my first newsletter ready to go, and several newsletters after that. Right now, I'm working on all the mechanics of changing my brand. Running into some technical snags (what's new) with a dead computer, reloading software, etc. I hate to set a date and then miss it, so I'm going to hold off for now...if I can get the technical issues under control, I will project a date. Right now, it's too early to say.

In the meantime, I thought I'd just post a little note to say, "It's okay to doodle." :-)


  1. I have always indulged in doodling. So good to know it has a point! I loved the info about what different types of doodles mean. Very enlightening!

  2. Yeah...I was going to follow up with a comment about learning Mandarin. In our class we learned you retain language better if you engage all of your senses. We would juggle scarves while reciting vocabulary words. That particular method didn't quite work for me. We were also given assignments to doodle for the vocab. I tried that tonight with new vocab words in context...I'm remembering the words better! In fact, I heard one of the words in conversation and I couldn't recall the word, but I recalled the doodle that went with the word and where it was on my page and then that jogged the word out of a file cabinet...

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