Thursday, July 2, 2009

Studio News: Blooming in June Designer Challenge - Emerald Dragonfly

Yes, I gave a few sneak peeks in my is the full-blown version! I participted in my own designers challenge for the Blooming in June theme. (Sorry, I'm posting 3 days late! The next post will be southwesty!)

Anyway, the winners of the Designers Challenge were:

We each had one of my swirled floral disks and a set of swirled beads in different colors. We're all quite different designers, so it's fun to see what we all come up with. Both are pretty busy this summer, so they will be submitting their challenges later this month

(And...psst...we need more players! Just to let you know, I have some Southwest Theme Inspiration Challenges coming up...keep your eyes peeled!)

Emerald Dragonfly Inspiration Challenge

Florals are a comfort zone of inspiration for me. Usually, it's just been picking up on the color. I challenged myself to take it a step farther and combine the swirly request from Kristin and see if I could do floral disks. I did! My first ones were quite organic (and I think they still have loads of potential in the right piece) and I'm improving in my execution.

Swirls of many greens, a dragonfly perches on the flower

A shadow of a dragonfly...just the idea...

emerald meadows of every imaginable green
a picnic basket
a bottle of wine
some time spent talking, whispering, wondering

a dragonfly flits, perches,
a brief glimpse
and away he flies

verdant, lime, nile, emerald, petroleum, celadon

drawn together with a light chain of maille

reflections of peace, serenity, togetherness


  1. i'll play! i absolutely love to see how different designers can take the same components and make them their own... beautiful job!

  2. Yay! Provided I'm feeling well enough, I should have the western-themed Designer's Challenge ready in the next week or so.