Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hong Kong Chronicles: Molly the Hot Dog

Took Molly to the Mui Wo waterfall, which is running better with all the rain. I waded into a little pool and Molly followed me into the water. !! I was quite surprised, but I find we have bonded ever more here in Hong Kong. She loves other people and other dogs, but when she's done greeting people, she's happy to cuddle up on my lap or follow me around. This is Miss Independent who is usually on Molly Missions. She has learned more secrets of Melting My Heart.

Then Molly just sits down in the water. Much like when I used to give her a bath with Bijou.

This is the pavilion that is the little "Bijou Memorial" for me. It reminds me of Texas. I had hiked up here a few times before Molly & Bijou were supposed to come and I was thinking how they would enjoy the walk up here. I thoroughly enjoy the view.

The stunning view of Silvermine Bay from the hill near the now closed Silver Mine.

You can see why I love this island!

Silvermine Beach...

It's nice to a have a few sunny days that shine a spectacular light on the beauty that can be found in Hong Kong. When I first visited here, it was a beauty I completely did not expect. I knew Hong Kong was on water, but the mountains were a huge and hugely pleasant surprise. It's one of the main reasons I enjoy Hong Kong.


  1. ...very first impression by the scenery was that you were out west (USA)...then i thought it was Hawaii...GREAT fun to see more glimpses into your far eastern world...

    & what a peach miss molly is... :)

  2. Yes, it has some similarity to Hawaii. Except we have critters (snakes, poisonous ones, and I don't think Hawaii has any of those). But, I haven't seen any and as long as you leave them alone, you're okay.

    Yes...Miss M is a peach. :-)

  3. Hi Jenn...
    Such lovely photos, I didnt really think of hong kong when I saw them.. Mostly because I really didn't expect it to be so pretty there..

    Your pics of Molly are so sweet, she looks like shes havin a great time.

    Its really great to see what it looks like in Hong Kong, bring us some more photos of your life there, please... :)

  4. I feel like I just took a vacation!...beautiful photos!, and cutest pup ever!

  5. Beautiful scenery! How warm and humid was it this day? what about allergies?