Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Studio Time: Classic Lariat with Glass Beads

I think this is a design keeper. I love this necklace. It gets rave reviews when I wear it. It's fun and bright and incorporates my absolutely favorite color combination of turquoise (light and dark) and green. (I am planning on keeping this one for myself, but if you're interested in it, let me know. I can always make myself a new one.)

I have to admit my influence for this design. It's from the movie, Something's Gotta Give. Do you remember the scene when the Diane Keaton character went on her first date with the Keanu Reeves character? She was wearing a sizzling hot, classic, little black dress. She looked fabulous. And she wore a little black necklace that drew my eye immediately. I think what's amazing about this design is that it drew my eye and this was four years before I began even considering making jewelry myself. I looked it up and it's a Brook Jasmine lasso.

My version is a long lariat style that could be worn looped on the neck for a shorter necklace or tied as a long necklace.

A bit western

A great piece for everyday wear.

Complementary earrings.


  1. WOW...another one for me...for the brighter side of me...i love this!

    MAKE MORE :)

  2. Very cute lariat and earrings! I can see why you want to keep them. I have separation anxiety almost every time I part with something I've made.

  3. Very cute! I have to say...I really like the lariat necklaces you make. Maybe it could become your signature style... :0)

  4. Thanks, everyone! This is the first piece I've wanted to do over and over's easy to make and easy to wear.'re right...I think they're going to become a signature!

  5. I love lariats they are gorgeous and so versatile. That one is fab!

  6. Somethings Gotta Give, one of my favs:D Inspiration is everywhere around us, its so spectacular.