Saturday, July 4, 2009

Studio News: It's been six months

It's been six months today since my little guy on the right, Bijou Bear, went to forever sleep. I miss him every day. Some days it aches more than others. He never lived in Hong Kong, but we had routines that included both Molly (left) and Bijou (right). He was only 10 1/2. It's just my Miss Molly Dolly right now and she gives me joy. I'm working hard to enjoy every day with her instead of dreading the day she will leave me, too.

Ok, I just had to share something along these lines that made me laugh. I's a little demented, but I have to say I understand what he's saying.

But, unlike Charlie, I still wouldn't change it. I love my puppies. They're teaching me not to focus on the anxiety of tomorrow. And I have the joy of coming home to furry cuddliness. I just wished they lived longer. Like a parrot. Or a tortoise. Or a sequoia.

I miss Bijou's shameless clumsiness and his willingness to always get snuggled. You were a funny, bright, snuggle spot in my life. Miss you, Little B, my little HunnyBear!

And to my fellow animal friends at Bijou's Whimsy and Rustic Urbanity, I'm thinking of you, too!


  1. Sweet little Bijou. Its been wonderful talking to you about Bijou and Sabre, it really has helped me alot, and I apprecciate it so much. It would be so wonderful if they lived longer.

    I read the post from Charlie, and I so understand what he means, but on the other hand I dont think I can live anymore without another kitty baby. I will never forget Sabre, or replace him, but find a new kitty, with a new personality to love.

    Im thinking of you today Jenn, and your sweet little bijou.
    Love your sweet little Molly all you can. :)

  2. ...oh Jenn...

    the joy...the love...they...

    he...she...brings to me...

    i've seen 2 dogs & 5 cats pass on...oh the joy...they brought to me...

    and although Charlie has a point...a good one too...i can't help but share...

    today, i live with sweet...precious...beautiful boy...Abyssinian
    cat that is...and each & every day i say...

    what a sweet...precious boy he much i LOvE much he brings to me...each & every day...

    he is like no other...a different kind of wonderful...a different kind of love from all the others...& i when i look at him...i can't help thinking...

    what i would be MISSING each & every day...without him...

    PURRfect sweetness in the feline degree...

    and if he were a dog...oh~my...the KISSES bestowed me...pure bliss!!!

    ......LIFE is not complete without a little creature loving...

  3. Thank you, both, so much for the kind words. Since the day I brought Molly home as a puppy, I've been dreading the day she would leave me. I thought she would be the first to go. I thought Bijou was the sturdy one.

    However, having weathered my very first storm of losing a little precious pet, I would do the same thing again. I would have missed a lot of funny moments had I decided not to get Bijou. He was SO funny and snuggly.

    Nancy, you're right...slurpy, doggy kisses are bliss. Molly is sending one your way!

  4. I know the post was supposed to be funny, but what doesnt die?...Even my car is on its rusting way out of this world! :)....but to be the caretaker of a loving furry friend, how grand....there is nothing in the world like it....and they teach us how precious time, and love truly are....blessings love and light to your precious Bijou, are lucky to have found each other!...


  5. Yes...Kerin Rose, very true. I really wish our fur-babies would last so much longer than they do. This has taught me to enjoy each and every precious minute I get with my Miss Molly right now. I have dear, precious memories of my Sweet B and he has his own, special place in my heart that will never belong to another little's just for him. I am very fortunate to have found that little boy...he was so endearingly funny. Even when he was being naughty, he made me laugh too much to correct him.

  6. Hi Jenn, I was just catching up on some of your older posts and I am so touched that you mention me and my precise Hobbs in this difficult post...when I think of all my kindred spirits who love their animals like me, your one of them and its so amazing that we've never meet, we come from such different places, but thats the first thing that connected us, our love for our furry babies...than our migraines, not so nice, ha ha. Little Bijou was so sweet. It's so painfully hard to see one of our babies partners leave the other alone, we've been through that once already and well I can't talk about it or I'll start crying even though it was a couple years ago already. I try not to live in the dread of seeing Ella and Roo or Jinny and Hazel spilt up but its hard not too. But I am sure your keeping little honey pie Molly good company and your right we just have to live in the present and give them as much goodness and take in their amazing goodness as much as we possibly can. THanks for the's comforting somehow to know that someone elses heart still aches and squeezes for their little ones gone over the rainbow bridge. Extra pets to Molly from me today.

  7. Thank you, Mandy! Even though I think of Bijou every day, I'm feeling better. My dad and sister like to reminisce with me occasionally on our family pets and the funny little endearing things they did. I'm grateful for the happiness and joy they brought to us while we were able to be their human stewards and think we were able to give them good lives.

  8. Jen, Mark and I will have been married for 25 years in three weeks. We have had the pleasure of having five cats be a part of the family through the years that are no longer with us. Even though the parting was difficult the time spent with them was so precious and priceless. We now have a Senegal parrot 'Bean' and a Dachshund mix puppy 'Amp' that are our feathered and furry part of the family. All of our animals have made us laugh (the best medicine) and bring such joy to us. They are good for the soul. We will always have a special place in our hearts for the pets that are no longer with us. Yes the article did make me laugh and had some truth to it, but I have decided not to hold back from the joy of loving pets for fear of the loss. If we do that in our lives, we will stay in a room locked away from the world and we will miss out on so much good for fear of the bad. How sad that would be!

    1. Happy anniversary!!! That means it's been over 25 years since we went to PSS together.

      Yes, I very much love my fur babies. It has not been 4 1/2 years since I lost Bijou. On October 1, it will six months since Molly went to her forever sleep. I actually thought it would have been the other way around. As hard as it is to lose them, I would prefer to have "loved and lost than never loved at all." Both of my doggies in this photo have brought me a lot of joy and laughter over the years they were my babies. I have lots of room in my heart and just make more space for my new ones.

      I have a new generation of dogs that is keeping me company now. Molly socialized one of them, Sophie, and I adopted Trixie (a six-year-old, retired breeder) just two months ago.