Friday, June 12, 2009

Studio News: Designers Challenge & Bead Giveaway

Wow! Wow! Wow! The designers and artists who took up the challenges in the last few months have produced spectacular results.

Remember my version of French Country?

Kookie Designs
Check out Mel's spectacular cocktail ring. The focal is a bead from Mindy Moogin (fabulous bead) finished off with a plethora of color, so Mel! I LOVE the combination of colors and materials.

2009 (C) Kookie Designs

Reprinted with permission of Mel Poxxon

I'm also completely in love with this piece. I love how butterflies were incorporated. I feel like I'm in a lavendar field. So creative!

2009 (C) Kookie Designs

Reprinted with permission of Mel Poxxon

Nancy McKay

Nancy's blog is a delightful place to gather and absorb her photos full of light, florals, and tea. And you should see her recent photos from a trip to Belize. Spectacular capture of lines and design and the essence of Belize. I want to be there!

Nancy took up the Urban Primose Challenge. This is my favorite photo - she captured BOTH the organic design of one building, and the simple geometric of the other building. This idea has been rattling in my mind for a while as inspiration to one of my future pieces in glass and silver. It seems more time to bake, but I'm excited by the spurring of creativity!

2009 (C) Nancy McKay
Reprinted with permission of Nancy McKay


I've started a new bead design for me. I have several ways I'm incorporating this bead into my designs. I'd like to give another designer/artist and opportunity to incorporate this bead into their jewelry. It's a classic, two-toned swirl bead in a base of Glacier swirled with blue.

How to win: just post a comment on this blog. You will be entered into a drawing. Drawing and winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 16.

If you win, there is a complementary set of beads in my Artfire shop for $20.

Last, I just had to mention I posted a set of Carribean beads in my shop as well. I'm having a hard time parting with them because every time I look at them, I get a little flutter of excitement. These are my favorite colors EVER. However, I can make more. I'd love to see what another designer can do. These are available in the Artfire store for $35


  1. Thanks Jenn, The beads were lovely to work with xxx

  2. Beautiful beads, love the flower and the colours of your Caribbean beads go excellently together. Hope you make lots of sales.
    Kristin :)