Thursday, September 3, 2009

Studio Time: Trailing Vines Charm Bracelet in Colors of the Caribbean

i dream of
of peacock waters
and peahen beaches
impossible greens and blues preening and calling for your attention
sunbaked sand nests cradling your body in soothing heat and warmth
a flower tucked behind an ear
trailing vines cascading down your back

Three of my favorite vacations involved a lot of time sunbathing in front of an ocean...Hawaii, a Caribbean cruise, and a trip to Ambergris Caye off the coast off Belize. Yes. I admit it. I am a beach bum. The lay-around-in-the-sun-all-day-get-a-massage-hang-out-in-the-hot-tub-at-night type of beach bum. I usually prefer the laid-back vacations because I'm so tired from my daily life that, for me, a vacation should involve the vacating of your regular life...the time when you stop to lie around all day, read a good book, shop randomly, take a hike or a stroll. I've done the cram-it-all-vacations, but I always come back needing a vacation from my vacation. The above vacations happened when I most needed those laid-back vacations.
These colors are my very favorite, favorite colors. My all time favorite color is green. Any kind of green, but the neon, granny-smith-apple, inside-of-a-lime greens are my favorite. When I look a the hues of the ocean in sun-drenched, beachy areas like those mentioned above, there is always an element of an unexpected green. Blue is a really close second to green. When they're in combo, I swoon.

I had a stash of these Caribbean Blue beads and decided to try a simple charm bracelet. But, they didn't quite encircle my wrist, so my creativity was challenged to make do with what I had. I searched in my stash and found a coordinating floral disk with small barrel beads. The bracelet is designed to be worn snugly against the wrist, with the floral disk perching at the crest of your wrist and the trailing vines dangling sweetly from small, delicate lengths of silver chain.

These aren't pictures from my new flat yet. These are a few quick pix I snapped from the windowsill at work. I'm rottenly spoiled with insanely gorgeous views at home and work.

If I'm going to use Hong Kong as a backdrop, my jewelry hopes you'll get bored of it after a while since it's scenery has a tendency to steal the spotlight.

These are favorite colors and I haven't decided if I'm keeping this particular bracelet for myself yet. Or maybe I'll wear for a bit and sell later. If you really fancy this bracelet, email me.


  1. Very Pretty Jenn. I love the colors, it looks very summery. Makes me think of a tropical vacation. :)

  2. These are my favorite colors. Love the bracelet! : )

  3. Pretty pretty! I like the flower/disk bead!

  4. Gorgeous bracelet! Very pretty design- I love it!

  5. Wow those are awesome pictures! The bracelet is gorgeous for sure, and the back drop is enough to make you blink and take a long second look- lovely♥

  6. see, now I am thinking its what you wear to dance the merengue!

  7. Love the bracelet... love the photos... love the beads (particulary the beads that are green and and then swirl into the blue)
    Kristin :)

  8. Thank you, everyone, for the lovely comments! KerinRose...I have another bracelet in the works based on this design...I'll call it the "Merengue" version. ;-)