Saturday, June 11, 2016

Artfully Meandering: Washington Oaks Park

Another local gem, Washington Oaks State Park, sends you back into a a slice of natural Florida. This beautiful land is located on a relatively unspoiled hammock, and site of the original orange groves in Florida.

When I first drove into this park, it surprised me with it's seeming quiet and privacy. The Young family owned this property and when they passed away, donated it to the state for enjoyment of all. Their property extended from the Atlantic ocean to the intercostal river way. They settled their house on the less busy intercostal. And this is such a beautiful gem of land.

This little fern glen was a delightful little surprise.

But, my most favorite part are the tall Southern Live Oak trees festooned with romantic streamers of Spanish moss. I've been trying to capture the beautiful light streaming through the strands, but never quite get what I see in person... but here is a sense...

Washington Oaks Beach

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