Monday, June 13, 2016

Studio Time: Make Ugly Beads

When it comes to creating, it's to fun wildly explore and experiment. Often ugly beginnings (link to my beginnings in glass beads) create really interesting results. At the recommendation of someone (I don't know who) I kept all my ugly beginning beads. They're in a small jar. They are the beads my friends like to sort through. Some of my current techniques have basis in these ugly beginnings. 

Last Saturday, I saw beads on a necklace at the farmers market that triggered an idea that I wanted to try at home. I had a bunch of scrap clay laid out from my last session in the Rust Series (I mixed 2 reds and a brown and three different blues).  I made two sets of beads. One of them seemed promising.

Then, seeing a relatively empty tray, I smashed together some "garbage beads" as an experiment for learning. Very interestingly, when I carved both beads back, the "garbage beads" ended up being the real gems. I've really been embracing my organic approach to beads. The messier the better the results. I love the layers of color and some of the way carving it back made it look a little bit like the mica shift technique.

Liking the results of my experiment, I tried repeating the technique again... here are the beads before carving.

The beads after carving...

These are pretty large chunky beads... well, chunky for me.

And the shavings. I've been saving all of the shavings and experimenting with these leftovers, but nothing valid yet.

 That was fun! Still working in the rust series colors...

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