Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Studio Time: Rust Series

The colors in this color palette give me a tingle every time I see them. Mainly because they remind me of the southwest color palette I really love and miss. I've been attempting to replicate this texture and color pattern in polymer clay. Here is an early attempt.

While I was happy with the start, it left me feeling "meh."

But recently I've started carving the polymer after the clay has cured. I love the texture in monochromatic beads or swirled beads. I also started experimenting with a core color wrapped in a thin layer of an alternate color. When carving back the top color, I was able to achieve the look I was seeking with this rusted metal look. I created a series of "Wilma Beads" (you know, the big chunky, textural beads that Wilma Flintstone wore in the cartoon series).

Here is the large chunky necklace (Wilma style)....

Here is a simple bead and chain necklace...

A slightly more complex piece that while initially seemed southwest has leaned a little more toward the Asian because of the inclusion of metallic leaf. Usually my latest piece is my most favorite. This is my latest piece. This is my most favorite. :-)

Coordinating bon bon earrings....

So much fun to see what I had in my head come to life in my art.

Have you ever had an idea for your art that was a bit of a struggle execute and then you finally got it? 

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