Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Studio Time: A Personal Breakthrough in Polymer Clay

I've had limited access to making lamp work beads since 2009. For a brief period, I had home studio in a home I owned in 2011, but then I had to move for work and I've been renting since then. I left off with making swirl beads. This is one of my absolute favorite pieces I made. 

This week, I told someone, "I've been stuck in polymer clay while still dreaming of glass." Glass will never get out of my system and I'm anxious to get back to glass. But this week, I crossed that barrier or bridge into the land of polymer making something that segues from where I left off in glass and bridges seamlessly into polymer. But, this is something unique to polymer clay and can only be done in clay. Well, technically I could see how it could be done in glass, but this something easier done in clay.

As part of the texture and patina series, I made a series of rust beads in the new strata style. I made another set for a custom order in ocean-y colors with a little bit of purple. I love carving back and revealing the colors beneath and creating a textural nugget. Yeah. I found my voice in clay. Finally. It took several years and lots of false starts. I can see these beads complementing my glass beads eventually.

Another exploration is with the translucent beads with a layer of metallic leaf. These cover bright color and subdue the brights into a a beautiful opalescent color reminiscent of glass.

Strung up into 26" necklace.

Finally, ocean-y beads that are polymer version of the glass beads at the top of this post. Very happy with where I landed.

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