Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Studio Time: Art Retrospective - Polymer Clay

I thought it would be kind of fun to wander back through my blog archives and review my progression in polymer clay. Right now, I'm starting to make leaps and bounds. It took several years to get here, though, with several breaks in between. There was a very rough start and some definite failures in there.

2009 - Brand New to Polymer Clay

Uh... yeah... but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Burnt beads...

Beginning to understand the potential.

Loved this cabochon. Couldn't figure out what to do with it, though.

First foray into color mixing courtesy of Maggie Maggio's color scales. 

Quilted Circles using color mixes.

Color mixing. But still learning how to form the clay.

Beverly Ash Gilbert's bead soups mixed with the polymer clay.

Playing with buttons and different shapes.

Trying to mimic where I left off in polymer clay. I really like these. I need to include these back in my repertoire. The lariat design is one of my favorites.

Scrap clay creates some of the most interesting compositions.

Progressing, but still creating "meh" work.

Working with the tools I have and learning about cane and learned how to do a checkerboard. 

Created a series of pins that were given away. I like these, too.

Beginning to explore some different approaches to polymer and embracing the mixing that happens. Still not able to form uniformly yet. But I like the organic vibe.

A signature piece that Crystal has, but I haven't really been able to replicate this.

A collection of all polymer pieces that is showing a body of work. These were given away as gifts to friends when I left Hong Kong.

One of my favorite pieces. I created my own stamps and made some metal clay pendants. Started using inks to make the beads more shiny and complement the metal better.

Color mixing to custom match my clothes. This was a fun experiment. 

I liked and disliked this necklace and pendant at the same time. I still struggled with it. These were gorgeous Moon Katty lamp work beads mixed with my polymer. I didn't think the polymer did justice to the lamp work. 

Some of the last beads I made in Hong Kong before I left.

2013 - A brief experimentation

Playing with clay again, but not too serious.

Some very interesting potential in these beads, but still struggling with forming.

2014 Experimentation

Some potential in the texture. Still too messy.

2016 - The journey to where I am now

Some major failures in structure. Too thin which made it brittle and breakable.

First beads. These turned out great in jewelry.

First necklace again trying to imitate something I made in 2009. Didn't quite copy it, but liked how the beads were formed.

Fun necklace for my niece.

One of my first custom orders. Love how this turned out.

Stackable necklace in jewel tones. Beginning to experiment with carving.

2016 - Where I'm at now in polymer

These beads are my break-though in polymer that are helping me feel more connected to polymer. These are strata beads that I wrap in thin cane in multiple colors and carve back to reveal the strata.

These are beads that are base of striated color covered in a thin transparent with metal leaf. They have a glassy look.

Current best necklace of beads in ocean colors. Combination of strata beads and faux glass beads.

Your Turn

Where are you in your artistic journey? Does your skill match your taste yet? If so, how long was your journey to matching skills and taste? If you're not there yet, what are you doing to get there? What are you making that you still love even though it's not at your taste level?

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