Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Studio News: Banana Folk Berry Bead Giveaway

I keep hearing yellow is the "it" color of the year. Okay. I just like yellow. Would you like some buttery, earthy yellow beads? These are some of my Folk Berry beads. They are Vetrofond Odd Lot of a pale, buttery yellow with a reactive core. The result reminds me of a banana peel.

Enter to win by commenting on your favorite thing in my Artfire store. Winner will be announced on Friday, May 22.


Color: Vetrofond Banana Odd Lot - a smooth, mellow yellow with a reactive center that creates beautiful, gentle striations when wound as a disk. It reminds me of a ripe banana peel.

Rod Size: my lot was 6mm rods

How the glass feels to me: The rods melted similarly to other opaques...fairly quickly and required quicker work since it melted easier. I found this glass a little more sensitive to thermal shock. If I was too quick to warm the rod, I could feel it crackle through the rod. If I didn't slow down, 1-inch chunks would pop off. (I would reclaim these as a bead by carefully perching the little chunk of glass on top of the mandrel and melting it into a bead.) I found this glass required additional time for warming in the flame. When I was working on refining a bead's shape, I would keep the wafting through the top part of the flame to keep it warm. However, once the glass was comfortably warm, it worked similarly to other opaques.


  1. Hi, Jenn! I hope you are having a good vacation! I should have commented sooner because I visit your Artfire store a lot and drool over the jewelry in it! My favorites are the Urban Kiwi set, the Victoria Harbor Shimmer necklace and the Cotton Candy set. If I HAD to pick a favorite, I would say the Urban Kiwi set...if we weren't saving for our trip, that necklace and those earrings would already have been mine!

    I love your jewelry. I think you are turning out some beautiful beads and I love the new wire techniques you've learned. Makes for some gorgeous stuff!

  2. No question at all. It would have to be your URBAN PRIMROSE LARIAT. I fell in love with the necklace when I saw it featured on a blog.

  3. Thanks bunches for playing and the feedback! It means a lot to me to keep plugging along. :-)