Saturday, May 23, 2009

Studio News: French Country Bead Giveaway

I'd like to do a design challenge. I'd like to give these beads away to a jewelry artist. My ideal artist is someone whose repertoire of skills and style is different than mine or someone who wants to challenge themselves along a different design track. I've already done a simple design in French Country. Anyone else want to try?

How to win: comment on this post with a link to your gallery of work. I will choose a designer and announce the winner on Friday, May 29.

The French Country bead set
warm, pale, earthy yellow reminiscent of color-washed country kitchen walls
deep, transparent, sparkly Sapphire blue

Provence, France in the summer
Bicycling through the countryside
Imprinting lavendar fields on your mind
Sipping wine in a warm, cozy cafe
Nibbling on a plate of cheese and fruit

The hearty laughter of close companions
The deep friendship of kindred spirits


  1. Hi Jena
    I am game I have attached a link to my flickr xx

  2. Sorry Mel, but I'm cutting your chances!!

    Jenn, you've probably seen everything since I've been struggling with photography and listing new items. Been too busy with local networking and marketing (not to mention a particular home make-over that gobbled up a chunk of time earlier this year).