Saturday, May 9, 2009

Artfully Meandering: Wistful

turn face to sunshine
lean forward, touch reflection
wistful gaze, full heart


  1. Lovely poem- I can just picture what you describe. I really love the poetic form of haiku. It has a definite structure that is simple, allowing the beauty of the words to shine through. I consider it the "instant gratification" of poetry forms!

  2. I know! I like haiku, too. It gives you a format to do the "less is more" and let others interpret. I loved the reflections of the primroses and when I took the picture, they looked like they were sad and wanting to be me. :-)

  3. I loved the poem too, it perfectly described the scene for me : )
    I love this shot too, and was wondering if I could take a stab at tweaking it?
    Thanks : )

  4. Yes, please tweak and tell me what you did.

  5. ...simply beautiful & softly powerful... :)