Friday, May 22, 2009

Studio News: Banana Folk Berry Winner!

The winner is: Shaiha over at Life on Ash Street. Congratulations, Shaiha and send me your address and I'll pop these in the post ASAP!

Also, check out what Kristin at KS Jewellery Designs did with the Kiwi Beadberry giveaway from last month. I bought her tutorial on the wire flowers she does. I'm very impressed with her wirework. Her tutorial helped me refine some of my wirework and continue to put the silversmithing off for now (yay!).

And one more quick note: Mel P at Kookie Designs is doing an earring giveaway as well. Check it out!

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  1. Wow!!! Thank you so very much!! I am just sorry that it took me so long to run across this.

    I am not totally comfortable posting my address to a blog and I don't see a way to leave you a private letter so could you email me....