Saturday, September 19, 2009

Artfully Meandering: Creative Toothpaste

I had mentioned in a previous post that I was going to have to suspend lampworking for the time being. I need to find an appropriate studio space outside my home for this industrial art.

In one way I'm sad. I was just reaching a point where I felt I was just beginning to define a unique "Kanna" look. On the other hand, trying to stifle my creativity is like trying to put a cap on toothpaste while you're squeezing it. It will squish out everywhere.

I've had issues with reining in my creative sprite. At the silver store here in Hong Kong, I spied a Silver Clay kit. Bonus: they teach! Morana is the instructor who had the first Silver Clay Instructor certification in Hong Kong and China. Their business is focused on teaching. Below is the instructor assisted ring I made. Her method of teaching was perfect for me. Individualized (no others in the class), a demo, hands-on, demo, hands-on, teacher assistance, explaining. I'm so pleased with this ring. It's a great everyday ring for me.

Precious metal clay has been intimidating me for two reasons: the possibilities are limitless and therefore my brain draws a blank with a direction. Secondly, I don't want to waste the precious clay.

However, I've already been down the road of creating expensive ugly glass babies. It's how I learn and get ideas for being unique. Below is my first ugly glass charm that will be for me as a remembrance. I don't view it as horrendous, but it definitely not saleworthy. It's mine for reminding me how can improve.

And my creative toothpaste is squishing out in other directions as well:
  • Next to the silver clay store there was a leather bag shop. They have DIY workshops where you can make a leather cuff, book cover, and purse.
  • I'm taking a knitting class so I can start to make my own shirts
  • Stopping lampworking has me looking into slumping and fusing. My initial impressions are that it is as industrial as lampworking, but I need to research further. I had ordered something from Nartique Glass a few years back and still receive their newsletter. I happened to look up their workshop offerings and they have a fabulous intensive workshop on slumping and fusing. And coldworking, and about everything else you can do with glass.
  • And then, Sarah Hornik said she's teaching in New Zealand next year! I've wanted to take a Sarah class and I've wanted to visit New Zealand!
See! Squishing out all over. I'll probably have to rein a few things in.

Meet the Artist
And finally, I updated my Artfire Bio page, which includes a self portait. I'm not entirely happy with it, so expect some changes.

Gratuitously Cute Maltese Pictures
I'm reminded of the scene in the show, Mad About You, where the main characters walk by their dog, Murray, who is standing on the dining room table. Their comment was, "That's new." My windowsill is a deep ledge. It makes for a great window seat, a work table, an end table to my couch, a photo studio, and now a Maltese-window-watching area. Molly enjoys window-watching. I was feeling a little bad that she wouldn't be able to window-watch. But, Molly figured out a solution. Here are a series of pictures of her royal cuteness.


  1. maltese pics - adorable & what a view! your pic - lovely! don't be so hard on yourself... and when you are a creative person, you find a way... all of your new ventures sound so fun! the pmc should be awesome to work with... there are just so many things that can be done... and have fun with everything you try!

  2. Maire - thanks so much for the sweet comments and encouragement! I'm really looking forward to the PMC. My first ugly project provided some hands-on ideas about how I can do things better. I'm so excited! And thanks for the sweet comment on my artist photo... One of my friends is a photographer and I want her to do my "real" artist photo... she did a photo shoot for one of her friends and it captured the look and feel I want for my real pix... we plan to do these when she comes to visit me in HK ...

  3. that sounds great! and how nice to have your friend come and visit... pics are tough - i need to get one to send into a publication, but i don't feel like i am capturing the right vibe... not conceited, i just don't want it to look like a glam shot (i am much more casual than that!)... you are a really creative person... it will be fun to live vicariously through you and see what you make! it's so great to feel excited about working on something, isn't it?

  4. I think you've done a great job with that little charm. Looks like your already onto new and exciting things Jenn, good for you:D Your little darling is so sweet in that window...and what a view you two share, wow. Have a great and migraine free day!

  5. ...WOW,'s so nice to see YOU & you are GORGEOUS...makes wearing my Sedona Lariats & earrings so much more special...i will think of YOU now when i pick & choose which color/style to wear today...and best of all...i will never forget your smiling face... :)

    PS: your silver clay is very pretty...Artfire keep it up along with the knitting & the leatherworking & the traveling!!!

  6. Thank you, Nancy! I figured it was time to stop hiding behind the camera...;-) And thanks for the encouragement on the silver charm! I was pretty excited for my very first piece all by my lonesome. Learned SO much from one tiny little piece. I have a big book on silver clay that I've been reading and scared to try silver. Now that I've been forced to explore other mediums and have made a mere two pieces, the book is making so much more sense. should check into new photographers as their prices are more reasonable. Or brand new photographer. If they can get some practice on you, you might be able to capture a shot you like for free. I loved my friend's photo shoot because it was without make-up...(although I'd do make-up...I ain't no teenager anymore)...but, the look I want to capture is more country and laid back. I have a vision in my head...but it requires some sewing and knitting to get the look. I'm just making do with some styles for now.

    Mandy - thanks so much for the feedback on the silver and the well wishes. I've been relatively migraine free lately, but I have another pain syndrome that is cramping my style. Sigh. As we say in Chinese, "man, man lai"...which is literally..."slow, slow come"...or it will happen with time. And thanks for the comment on my Molly Dolly. She says, "Wang!"

  7. Jen, I just love the Molly Pictures! She has found her place in the sun! I wonder what she
    "possible thinks" of things from so high? Just a new perspective for her. Hope her eyesight is holding out! Love the ring too!

  8. Quite the awesome view your sweet pooch has! She must never tire of it (you, either).
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back soon. :)

  9. Heart of a Cowgirl...thanks for the comments on my Molly and Harbour Eye Candy! I'll DEFINITELY be visiting your blog again.