Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Studio Time: Equestrian Series - Saddle-Up! Necklace & Earrings

Sorry for the posting break! I had a post prepared last week when a tragedy befell one of my new designs (a corsage bracelet with disk beads). I've had to re-write the post. I also had a migraine for two days. I hate when I lose part of a week!

Anyway...some eye-candy as I get back in the saddle.

Speaking of is a new design I'm testing in a line I plan to call the Equestrian Series. This one is called Saddle-Up! because they remind me of stirrups. I'm taking a mid-day stroll through downtown Hong Kong, twiddling, fiddling, and generally wearing my new design to make sure it stands up to regular daily wear.

How the necklace lays when worn and the earrings dangle. Once this design meets my "wear and tear" quality standards, I'll make some versions for you. None will be exactly the same.

Me on a tram. I got tired (and sweaty) walking one way looking for the post office and computer stores. I knew it was somewhere close to where I wandered. But, I never found it. Fruitless (as far as shipping and computer supplies), but entertaining and some decent mid-day exercise and relaxing tram ride back to blow dry.

Today It's Raining Cats & Small-to-Medium Size Dogs
It's been raining all day today. It's definitely raining cats. And some small dogs (Maltese and Yorkie size) and even some Terriers and Labs. But, it's definitely not raining Golden Retrievers, St. Bernards, or Great Danes yet...that's when nothing stays dry except maybe your eyelashes that are tucked way up underneath the umbrella.

I was crossing the hill that goes down to the waterfront. Sheets of water were cascading down it. I thought, "Throw plastic down on that there hill and you have a great Slip-N-Slide." Heh. I don't even need the plastic or hill. Just give me ceramic tiles and rain.

This is the sea level view down the hill from my complex.


I can't help it. These are my two favorite views. Molly and Aberdeen Harbor. This is my daily eye-candy.

Molly enjoys the views, too. There are kites (Hong Kong hawks) that circle in front of our window. Molly enjoys watching them. Did anyone see The Proposal? Remember the dog scene? I remind Molly that it's good there is plate glass between her and them.

Endless Sources of Amusement

My dogs have always provided a never-ceasing fountain of entertainment and stories.

I mentioned in a previous post that me and Molly are afraid of thunderstorms. Molly usually greets me at the door when I come home. Today she didn't. As a side note, I've been winding myself up with anxiety over leaving Molly for an upcoming business trip/vacation. She's getting older (nearly 11!) and she gets stressed when I leave. Plus, we just moved into a new flat. So, today, when I came home and no Miss Molly greeted me, I had a moment of panic.

But, I looked around and found this.

In Texas, we had a few whoppers of thunderstorms while I was gone during the day. There were a few times that we "lost" Molly. She was usually found in a tub. Good things here: my abode is less than 1/3 the size of the "small-ish" Texas house I had and I have a clear shower curtain. In Texas, I had two bathrooms and opaque shower curtains. Even when I looked in the bathroom, I usually failed to look in the tub.

I have no idea how long she was in there today. Poor baby. But, it was funny (and a relief) to find her hiding out in the bathtub. I need to teach her that under the bed in my bedroom is the darkest, safest spot.


  1. Too funny! Molly is one smart dog. I like the new design- very contemporary in flavor.

  2. Thx MoonKatty! I'm discovering her smartness in all new ways! Now that it's just me and her, I have time to bond and teach. She's doing really well, too! The barking has reduced to an acceptable level and she's SO sweet. I can't stand it.

  3. Yesterday, Bella was actually talking to me, in all earnestness. She desperately wanted some chicken, you see, and knew what she had to do to get it. So she stood up on her hind legs, put her little paws on my leg and started making the cutest sounds. Not barking, but sincere, heartfelt pleading and reasoning. Naturally, I caved. We were both satisfied.

  4. Yes, that's the Banoodle. I can't wait to see her!!! When they get that serious, heartfelt pleading and reasoning going on, there is no way to avoid melting. And they know it. Cute-patootie pie!

  5. Jenn,

    thanks for visiting today!...wowsa, I love the view from your windows...and love seeing your smilin' face!....the new design is really cool..and, you are welcome to join my nasty knitters club, even if you are a nice knitter!

  6. A bumper post! Love your necklace and earrings - great design. You're getting really brave posting pictures of yourself - it's really good to see jewellery in situ. I'm just not brave enough to take pictures of myself. I do have some pictures of my bangles on my wrist and my friend suggested the pictures would look better on a 'less wrinkly arm' (boo hoo!).
    Kristin :)

  7. KerinRose - ***laughing*** yes, I'm part of the nasty/ugly knitters club. I've been self-teaching for over 20 years and failing miserably. Very ugly stuff. I can crochet. Um. Yeah...the tension is inconsistent in large projects, but smaller projects, it's usually okay. I'm taking knitting lessons!!! There is a yarn shop around the corner from work and it's very cheap for lessons. SO excited. Maybe I'll actually accomplish something. Although my latest project, I've cast on AT LEAST 10 times because I don't know how to troubleshoot yet. I already have a mistake, but it's not a huge deal. I'm wondering how long it will be before I tear out and start again. Sigh.

  8. Thank you, Kristin! I'm getting braver because I don't feel as uncomfortable in my HK environment posting as I would have in the US. I don't know why. But, there are a few blogs I read, that I've found it really made even more of a connection for me to see the artist who was making the work. So. I got brave.

    And...I don't agree with your friend. Your hand modeling your own jewelry was quite beautiful.