Monday, September 14, 2009

Studio Time: Denim and Dust Storms


earth clay
fired by the sun kiln


gulping micro shards of parched earth



cotton bolls
sifted, combed, spun, woven

A cowgirls best friend is her denim. Creation is Messy's Leaky Pen mixed with Glacier makes a beautiful denim blue. The earrings below are a new design I'm calling "Lasso"... a loop of silver with a delicate chain maille rope of 2-in-2 dangling with Denim Beads...

A variation of the Denim Lasso with twisted copper and a longer rope....

A Dust Storm Lasso...

And saving the best for last...the new pendants...I liked these so much I made four. One for me, one for a friend, and two for you! This version is the Denim & Dust Storms Bailing Wire Pendant...three denim beads, two dust storm beads dangling from a thick, twisted wire loop.

I've already worn my pendant three times in the last five days. The amazing thing is, it lays as even prettier on you than on the wood and on the glass. While it occasionally shifts, it generally lays perfectly like this...

This is my actual pendant...but, there is a Dust Storm & Denim version for you, waiting in the store!

Speaking of storms...last night we had a Texas-would-be-proud thunderstorm. All those crazy stories of wild storms in Texas? Yes. They're true. The kind that would send me and the four Maltese quaking into a closet. (I hate thunderstorms.) And Hong Kong had one of those last night. I don't have closets here. So, my bedroom serves as a closet substitute and me and the lone Maltese were quaking in my closet-size bedroom.

Tonight it's Typhoon Koppu. Somehow the Maltese isn't quite as concerned with the crazy wind outside. She dislikes the lightning and thunder more. This is my first big typhoon in the new home, so I'm a bit nervous.


  1. Jenn, I love the copper and sterling earrings. Very pretty, and the pendant is gorgeous. I would love to have some of those swirly blue beads, they are very cool. How would they look etched?

    I would love to be there for the storms, I love them, but Wisconsin didn't have much of them this year. It's been mostly cold here, until now, and its warm, but no storms. Sorry you are nervous about them, cuddle up on your couch with Molly and maybe read a good book. Maybe that will relax you and make you feel better. :)

  2. Oooh, I really like the style of those last ones!!!