Thursday, September 10, 2009

Studio Time: Merengue

Another Trailing Vines bracelet. The charm bracelet should be worn snugly against your wrist for the disk to perch on the crest of your inner wrist, with small vines trailing sweetly off the edge.

This one is called Merengue - sassy Spanish reds in transparents and opaques with pops of turquoise sprinkled in. Tiny Sedona (opaque and transparent reds with light and dark turquoise swirls) barrels are the vines with a Sedona turquoise and red heart organic disk.

Kerin Rose, you named this's so funny you mentioned merengue as I had just started working on this red and turquoise version. Merengue is so perfect for this piece!

a rapid, latin beat
clicking, insistent

Also, a quick lampwork update: since moving to my new flat, I have had to store my lampwork setup. As an industrial art and living in a high-rise community, I need to find a real studio setting that will be more appropriate for this activity. There is a possibility I may have to table lampwork for an unknown amount of time (which is tough, because I felt like I was just reaching a new definition and phase...but, that is the risk inherent in a one-person show). However, I just picked up a Silver Clay kit. Yep. Broke down. Finally. I knew it was going to happen someday, I was just trying to avoid it. But, without my glass, I need something else to twiddle with at home.


  1. Hi Jenn--
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower awhile back! You do lovely work--the colors of the Caribbean blue and green bracelet are stunning :)

    Take care,

  2. Jenn.. I love this bracelet, it is soooo sassy and the heart is beautiful. I love the red lamp work beads, and the way it lays on your wrist.

    The photos of your view out your window are just beautiful, I wish I had a view like that. Mine is mostly pines and the prairie, not as exciting as your view. :) Juli~

  3. Thank you, Ivy & Juli!

    And Juli - I still would adore pines and prairie! I miss it even!

  4. Soooo cute! I love the colors!

  5. ...Merengue is hot...hOT...HOT...really nice Jenn!!!

  6. ...PS...and the view :) !!!

  7. Lovely bracelet! The colors just sizzle and I really like the heart disk. Can't wait to see the silver clay experiments begin. I have been toying with the same idea for the last few weeks but haven't succumbed yet.

  8. Jenn, that bracelet is beautiful. That sucks that you have to pack up your toys just when you were finding your new groove, I am sorry to hear that...but lets hope the universe is forcing this for a good reason and perhaps you'll find complete and utter bliss in the silver clay kit, I've seen some of that process done and you can do amazing things so I am sure in your hands it will be incredible. Be well Jenn...I am hoping to have a chance to catch up on your blog this Wednesday when I drag my laptop in for my gallery shift...'see' you then:D Be Well.

  9. Thank you, everyone!

    Mandy - my creativity feels like squeezing a tube of tooth paste. Even though I must temporarily put the cap on the lampwork for a bit, the creativity is still bursting out. Now I'm getting I'm getting excited to explore silver clay! And I just found a leather store right next to the silver store that gives classes as well. All kinds of options and who knows where this will go and how glass will figure in the future...