Monday, June 1, 2009

Studio Time: Blooming in June

joyful and vibrant
a photographer's delight
blooming, blushing, bright

Flowers are a popular motif and obvious inspiration choice. For me, it's coming back to a comfort zone. But even in a comfort zone, you can still challenge yourself. Try a color that you don't normally choose. Try an unusual color combination. Zoom in on a piece and abstract the flower. Work with negative space. Ready? Set? Go!

Flickr Group

I'm working on setting up a Flickr group for submitting photos of those who take up the creative challenge. If you're interested in participating, let me know your Flickr ID. It will be invitation only. (Actually, I'm a little nervous about creating and moderating a public group...)

Nancy McKay, has some really beautiful tea/floral photography. I love how she captures light in her blog. Anyway, she took up the challenge last month and came up with some fabulous photos capturing geometric patterns AND organic motifs in the same photo. They are fabulous! I find her photos are spurring my creativity to combine geometric and organic in the same piece. I'll let the creative sprite wander around my mind and see what it comes up with.

Design Theme

Regarding the theme for the month, I'm finding I really enjoy having a monthly theme. Rather than stifling my creativity, I find it energizing. Now that I've been doing jewelry and glass for two years, I was beginning to find myself stagnating into a repetition of patterns and styles. While it defines a style for you, I was finding it boring. I'm really excited about what's coming for the month of June. While I have a few random pieces that don't follow the theme (as usual, the pieces just speak and sometimes have their own opinion on what they should be), I have a really cool theme combining an idea spurred by one of my blog giveaway winners (Kristin at KS Jewellery Designs) and the floral theme. Here is a peek at one of the pieces. I'm so pleased with this results. I'll blog about the creation process for this piece later this week...


  1. Fantastic flower photo Jenn, such a vibrant pink colour and one of my favourite flowers (Cosmea/Cosmos isn't it?). That's a pretty pendant too - I look forward to seeing more pictures.
    Kristin :)

  2. LOVE the flower pendant! How cute!!!!!

  3. Hi, Kristin - yes, it's Cosmos. I love these flowers, too. I'm torn between daisies and cosmos. I think I like them both equally - they have similar features that just make me swoon.

    Tara & Kristin - thanks for the feedback on the pendant...I'm so excited about the glass design. It's so "me."!

  4. I wanna be in the Flickr group! I wanna be in the Flickr group! (jumping up and down excitedly)!!